Product Review – Contoured Sleep Mask

#eyecover – Contoured Sleep Mask available at Amazon:

If you travel a lot and realized you need better consistency in sleep in the hotel as I do , on the plane, and even at home.  This is the best sleeping mask I tried so far:
– It’s fitted around the nose so almost no light gets in below your eyes compared to the simpler designs….which is the main functional requirement.
– It’s thinner and lighter.
– It’s priced in the mid to low end compared to the other well-rated models out there.

The strap is just barely long enough, someone with a large head or lots of hair may find these don’t work.

There are better alternatives to the ear plugs included with this mask. There are higher quality disposable compressible foam (like the Howard Leight), or longer-use silicone ones, so shop separately for those.

In the cases (sleep mask and earplugs), the cost of experimenting with different models is low, and the impact on quality of sleep can be very high, so it’s worth some trial and error to get something that works. Also, better to try a few things ordered off of Amazon, then pay some ridiculous price at the airport.



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