Product Review – Women Full Body Shaper Thong Convertible #bodysuit

I bought this #bodysuit with low expectations, and I cannot believe that it actually works for me! Surprisingly, it provides as much lift as a regular bra. I wear a 34B bra and size 4 pants, 5’6″ and 135 pounds. I ordered the Medium after reading the reviews and it fits great! I needed it for a super-low backless dress and didn’t need the plunge in front, but I got it anyway as it was the closest thing I could find. The cups are big enough, but they don’t offer a lot of coverage in the middle so I used tape to keep things from bulging in the middle. It does run a little short, as the length of the extra-large is perfect for me and I’m not that tall. One criticism is that the “U” in front was quite baggy on me. I just had my seamstress bring the “U” straight up about 1.5 inches on each side right underneath where the center strap meets each cup.

That did the trick! Several other reviewers mentioned the slits for the straps all down the side, which is great because you can put the straps anywhere you want. Before you move the straps take a minute to note the slits — otherwise, they are really hard to find and you wouldn’t even know they were there. I was planning to replace the clear straps (that’s all it comes with) because I was afraid they would break, but they’re so strong and stay in place so well I ended up using them and didn’t worry at all. Other than the little fix on the saggy “U”, I love, love, love this bodysuit, especially that it gives you a beautiful smooth, LIFTED bust in front, while it’s totally backless and super sexy!



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