Product Review – #Chefmaster ™ 19pc Barbeque Tool Set

#chefmaster Barbecue Set available from Amazon at:


All-inclusive set, sturdy hard-shelled carrying case, attractive set with beautiful wooden handles, metal parts seem pretty durable and functional, really beautiful gift for anyone who’s interested in grilling casually or more seriously, lightweight and easy to transport.


This isn’t a professional-quality set of tools (more middle ground), but it offers a great range of functionality.


We don’t grill all the time, but we really enjoy it when the weather is nice and he has some extra time to focus on it. Sometimes we BBQ meat for guests, and often we do portabella mushrooms and different types of veggies, so I really appreciated having the wide variety of tools here that will allow us to do either/or. The corn cob skewers are a little bit blunted at the ends, but if you’re not afraid to give them a good push, they work just fine and hold securely.

The case doesn’t look nearly as nice as the tools, but it is a plastic hard-shelled case and will keep everything sorted and safe just fine. It’s awesome that it is a hard-shelled case, because it means you can tuck these away just about anywhere without worrying about the tools getting bent or damaged if they accidentally get jostled around, kicked, etc.

Overall, I’d say these tools are mid-range in quality. They aren’t the tippy-top most professional-grade tools, but they definitely aren’t low-quality. For the price, this is a really nice set of good-quality tools, it offers a wonderful variety, and it’s all contained in a sturdy case. Great for anyone who enjoys grilling/BBQing, and the overall set makes a beautiful gift. I would definitely buy again!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and that is what I am providing. I will never shy away from listing negatives about products just because I received a discount; usually, I choose products that I am interested in trying already, and check out the reviews ahead of time to ensure it’s something I will probably like, so many of my reviews are positive as a result of careful selection upfront, not because my positive reviews have been “bought.” If there are any questions I haven’t addressed, or if there’s more information I could provide in the meantime, please feel free to comment and I’ll update as soon as I can!






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