Product Review – Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner

I really like this #skilletscrubber . I have to be honest and say that the special treatment required to care for our few cast iron pieces has prevented me from using them as often as I could. I’ve usually left the clean up of the cast iron items to my husband because I didn’t want him to blame me if I somehow didn’t clean them well enough or the wrong way. I also have to admit I was REALLY skeptical that we would find use for a chain cast iron scrubber, I mean we were cleaning our stuff OK right? But this scrubber changed my mind. And it being stainless steel, its probably the only one we’ll need to buy.

The scrubber is actually really easy to use. The flexible design allows me to get into the corners and crevices to get any cooked on gunk and extra grease, then rinse the pan or griddle in water, pat dry with a paper towel and I’m done. The fact that the scrubber is stainless steel means it is itself easy to clean with a little soap rolling around in my hands and then rinse, All done! I appreciate that there is a large keychain like ring on one corner because I can just hang the scrubber up next to my other pans on the pot rack.

I’m actually excited to try this scrubber out on my other, non-cast iron cookware because I’m pretty sure its going to do a better job getting cooked on gunk (like spaghetti sauce or cheese residue) than a standard sponge and water and hopefully, preserve nonstick coatings. Cookware is expensive and after ten years with our wedding set, we are looking to buy a new set so I really think having a chain cast iron scrubber is going to help us to feel confident buying higher quality cookware knowing we will be able to properly care for them preserving our investment.

If you are about to purchase cast iron or any high quality cookware, definitely get this stainless steel chain cast iron scrubber.

*I received this item at a discount in exchange for my HONEST review. I only sign up to review products I actually think I’ll use in my home so that I can give honest and complete feedback. If this review was helpful to you, please mark “helpful” below, this will help me to continue writing honest reviews for more products in the future.


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