Product Review – Sunglass Holder Straps

This is a pack of six #SunglassHolderStraps for those who are active in sports.

The rubber grips on these are fairly small. If you have large framed glasses/sunglasses you may want to look elsewhere. But anything “standard” seems to fit well.

The rubber grips tightly and your glasses won’t go anywhere. I was wondering if the normal “cord” based strap would be less comfortable than the bigger straps out there, but I didn’t even notice them, even with a hat on and a helmet.

The rubber on the glasses feels a bit odd at first, but you soon forget it and don’t even notice it. I would suspect any holder would have this effect since it is something added to your glasses.

Another hint, tie the end of the cord in a knot upon itself to keep the plastic adjuster from sliding off the end. They are sort of a pain to get back on, or they might get lost (as proven by my son). They aren’t the greatest quality items, but they aren’t cheap either. They work as intended, I have no complaints.

 But if you aren’t looking for double duty purposes, the purpose they are intended for is perfect just like they are. Put a pair on your glasses and a pair on your sunglasses and share the rest.  No matter whether you share them or use them yourself, they are great to have.

“I received a free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review.”

Good, but read on…

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