Product Review – #ShowerBouquet XL Lace Mesh Bath Sponges

#ShowerBouquet XL Lace Mesh Bath Sponges
I use these every time I take a shower I would rather use a loofah then a wash cloth any day. I really love these loofahs they come in a pack of 4 with four different colors I was really surprised as to how cool and beautiful these loofahs were. They have like a lace like look sewn on the edge all the way around all four loofahs that make them look so much different than the normal ones that you can buy at a like walmart. These are the big loofahs and not the small ones these are very soft and are not rough feeling on your body.I really like the thicker ribbon that are on these loofahs so much better than the thick stings that the other have.These lather up soap on them very well and also rinse out very well when finished with them now I can have 2 new loofahs and the hubby has 2 new loofahs I’m was really impressed by these and would highly recommend these they are wonderful. I received these at a discount in exchange for my honest review.



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