Product Review – 100 LED #SolarRopeLightsDaylightWhite

This 100 LED #SolarRopeLightsDaylightWhite is really impressive and would make a cool addition to most gardens and/or yards. For me, I put them around an up and growing pine tree we have around the house.

Assembly is pretty straight forward. Setup the stake and solar panel, then run the light strand as desired. The solar panel is also mountable with a screw base, I could mount it to a pole or wood rail instead of using the yard stake. I was a little surprised to see included mounting hardware (plastic mounts and screws) so this set could easily be attached to a banister or railing on a deck. Inside the tubing, the lights run about 1 every 2”. The lights also feature a lead wire (about 6′) that allows placing the solar panel a distance away from the lighting source, to get the best possible sun exposure for power. I did get curious about how they are powered and took the back off the solar panel, the rechargeable battery is NOT designed to be user replaceable, however batteries like this should recharge over 500 times so i’m not too concerned. I would have liked to see a user replaceable option though.

In terms of display, the lights have an “on” function, and “mode” function. On will have them come on and stay on after dusk (until the power runs out for the night or dawn, whichever comes first), and mode has the lights doing a gentle on/off flash.

Overall, I really like this light set. There are so many possibilities for use and they appear to be a very well-made product. Easy to flex around a tree, add to a deck or patio, and more.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.



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