Product Review – 50′ New Tech 3 (Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose)

This is a great #gardenhose. I had the one that was advertised in an infomercial (plastic fittings, green). I actually loved the concept of it, and it was way better than a regular garden hose. But, it had some disadvantages to a regular hose that this one solves most of. What does it fix? Fittings on this hose are quality, and the hose itself is as well. The other flex hose brand leaked all around the fittings where it connected to the spigot. Also, you had to pay to upgrade everything on the other hose, and it still wasn’t as good as this one is standard. Also, it was easy to spring a leak if it caught on a rock, etc. This one is really very durable. This has a shut off valve. If you wanted to connect your other hose to a sprinkler, it was a very wet experience. Until the hose extends, it whips all over the place. With this one, you can turn on hose, wait for it to extend, then shut it off and connect to sprinkler. Much better. Before, you needed a regular hose for sprinklers. A caveat is that the sprinkler needs to be heavy, or the same problem exists. Of course, I love how small it shrinks when not in use. Best part of this hose in my opinion. I just put it behind a shrub or plant, and you can’t even see it. And, in my experience thus far it doesn’t kink. It can tangle, but not kink. What it doesn’t do well: You cannot leave this on a tree or shrub unattended.

I just got a new tree that we are supposed to water every day for 20 minutes. It won’t work, because the hose just whips all over the place and won’t stay on the tree. You need to have the sprayer on it, and stand there for 20 minutes. So, you still need a normal hose somewhere, or this can be pretty inconvenient. So many reasons to love this hose. It is strong and durable. I never get kinks or tangles. It is lightweight and so easy to carry around. 50 feet when expanded reaches far areas. Brass fittings on both ends make it so easy to attach to water supply or add nozzles. I really like the close valve function at the end of the hose so that I do not have to walk back to water supply when working to turn on and off. I will never go back to a traditional rubber hose.

I received this product for a discount for my unbiased and honest review.


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