Product Review – #brooklynbetter – Ultra Pure Lavender Kashmir Oil

This Lavender Kashmir Oil from #brooklynbetter is the best.  I love Lavender and all wonders. I use it personally for just about all my relaxation needs. I will add a few drops to a Cotton ball and swab the back of my ear for a good night’s rest, and tell help with my vertigo I will mix it with frankincense, and peppermint oil. On my daughter I have been using it since she was NB. It started as a drop in her bath water and mixed into her Aveeno Lotion. Now that she is older I have continued to do that just add more drops to her water and have also started using it in her body wash. On the rare occasion that i get to sneak away I will add it into my bath water for a calm and relaxing bath. With my daughter is can really tell a difference from the nights that she uses the lavender or when she uses her bubblegum wash. I have noticed that she will fall asleep earlier asunder stay asleep longer with the Lavender EO, than the other wash. In the mornings I try to incorporate a direct inhalation to my palms before leaving for my day. That always seems to calm me down and help easy my traffic commute. Direct inhalation is just placing a drop on your palm and rubbing your hands together and taking a sniff. I also add it to all of my household diffusers and it will bring a certain calming affect across the house when they are on. There are ready so many other uses, these are reread just the few that I do and did with this amazing oil. The scent is hard to describe other than saying it smells of lavender. It is clear and the bottle came with an awesome glass dropper. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.


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