Product Review – Theravana Knee Sleeve

Ok these #theravana are some serious sleeves. My husband has bad knees which bother him daily. He was happy to try these out. They are breathable textured neoprene. This flexes easily in all directions but help the knee to stay where it should be. He uses them to work out and likes them for that. He does where them at work when he is doing a lot of walking. They do help the knee to go much longer without the knee pain he usually experiences. These have different type of fabric for different areas of the knee. He likes that they have a double gripping strips at the top of the inside to help it to stay in place. They are a nice looking support while on. You do get only one which is what I expected given the description. This sleeve can easily be worn under clothing without being obvious at all or making the clothes fit snugger. I am not an Amazon company affiliate. I am an Amazon Prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product at a promotional price or free. If my review has helped you, please thumbs up so I can continue to provide helpful information for your purchasing. If you have any questions or comments, please comment or message and I will be glad to help!

Nice thickness which is comfortable to wear. Does not get overly hot. Gives good amount of support.


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