Product Review – #Drones with Camera

Product Review – #Drones with Camera

I will say that my first impression was quite good – the packaging is well-done, and the copter comes with everything you need (except batteries for the controller) – the quadcopter itself, two batteries, a 4GB SD card, an SD card reader, a charging cable, and a screwdriver so you can get into the battery compartment of the controller. Everything was packed nicely and was well-protected.

Since this is my first quadcopter, I went straight for the manual. It’s a tiny thing, printed on thin paper, mixed english and Chinese, and rather scan on detail. It went through the steps of assembling the quadcopter, which was kind of pointless as it came assembled. It then explained some of the controls, and some basics for controlling flight. One thing notably absent from the manual was how to start recording.

Once I read through the scant manual, I got a good look at the copter. It seems relatively well-built at first. However, the battery door does not fit well on it, is not captive, and is made of thin plastic. I guarantee you’ll either break it or lose it at some point. The connector for the battery in the unit is quite small, and I worry that it’ll break when connecting the battery to the quadcopter or the charger. The battery was also a tiny bit too wide to fit nicely into the compartment in the copter, which makes that concern feel even worse.

The controller itself is okay, aside from the fake button in the center on the left d-pad-ish control – I hit that out of curiosity and it fell into the unit. Not what I’d call good build quality – at least they could have put something behind it to keep it in place. It seems almost like the manual and controller, despite being labeled for this copter, are made for something else.

Once I got it all together, though, I did have some fun flying it. It’s utterly terrible at keeping level flight, and tends to one side. It’s also bad at keeping a level altitude. While this is my first quadcopter, even the cheap model helicopters I’ve had in the past do a better job than this seems to. A trim control would be awesome. If there were a way to adjust the trim, I’d easily give this a 4th star. Fix the manual and the battery door, and you’ve have a five star unit. Video and still image quality on the camera are nothing special — about what you’d expect from a cheap webcam. Battery life seemed pretty close to the advertised spec, though that may go down as the batteries get a little older.

fun copter to fly
Included camera lets you see things from the quadcopter’s angle, if you can get it to fly steady for long enough
Good range on the controller
Headless mode
Includes everything you need, even a micro SD card and reader

Nearly useless manual
Cheap battery door
No trim setting (and doesn’t fly straight)… or if there is one, it’s not in the manual
Survived several crashes onto my tile floor

TL;DR version: If you want a good first quadcopter, you might want to look elsewhere as this thing is a pain to fly and doesn’t include a useful manual. However, if you’re just looking for something to have a little bit of fun with, it’s worth it, and the camera is a nice bonus.

Just so you know, I was provided with a discount for the product in exchange for my honest review.



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