Product Review – I-Mate 3T6 Bright Headlight #Headlamp

Product Review – I-Mate 3T6 Bright Headlight #Headlamp

I have purchased small headlamps for my son who likes to ride his bike when it’s near dark and for my husband who is an avid outdoors man. They were OK. They do the job on a small scale. But this one by I-Mate blows the little ones away. This headlamp comes with a USB charger and a wall charger. It is quite big and a bit bulky because the batteries are large. The area on the back where the batteries are houses is a block and it is a bit large. However, for the results, it’s worth a little extra bulk.

The straps are adjustable and comfortable on the head. There is a middle and two side lights and you can light just the middle, just the sides, both the side and middle lights, and also make them flicker for safety or to let someone know you are in need of help.

And BOY is that light bright. Even the lowest of the lights is very bright. Oh, before I forget, It’s very important that, before you do anything, you remove the batteries and take off the plastic sealing them then replace them into the battery area. If you don’t do that, the lamp can’t charge and you will be disappointed.

Once you do that and charge the lamp, you’re ready to go for around 6-8 hours depending on which level of lighting you use. Things I like are that the charging cable turns green when the batteries are fully charged and the simplicity of switching modes. Just a quick touch of a button will cycle through them.

My husband likes this headlamp and says that it is way brighter than the others. Oddly, it is missing a red light which all the others have. But the flickering light will catch anyone’s attention so it’s all good. The lamp is a tad bulky but not very heavy. I had it on my head and, while I knew it was there, it didn’t cause any issues and didn’t feel uncomfortable. My husband did say he wished it were not as bulky in the back but that is where the batteries are housed and they’re pretty large.

As far as functionality goes, this lamp is reliable and so bright. I don’t know if it is 6000 Lumen but it you can’t even look toward the light without feeling blinded. It throws light a long way too and it’s a wide beam. This will come in very handy when my husband goes up north fishing and hunting alone. There is nothing up there but nature and he needs the strongest light to keep him on track. Along with lanterns and flashlights, this I-Mate Headlamp will help keep my husband safe by making sure he sees where he is going and what is coming toward him. Bears have been known to come right near his tent many times and they are’t the friendly type. Although it would be nicer if the battery pack were slimmer, I am still going with 5 stars because the headlamp is so functional and bright and it throws that light a long way.

I received this headlamp in exchange for my honest feedback and review. I asked my husband his opinions since he is the guy who uses these things the most. I am not affiliated with the seller and was not commentated for this review. I honestly think this is an amazing headlamp and, if the slight bulk isn’t a big issue for you, you will be amazed at how bright it is.


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