Product Review – #GoTriNova – Car Shampoo & Conditioner

Very high quality, durable, and soft wash mitt – It fits like a glove!

Product Review – #GoTriNova – Car Shampoo & Conditioner

This stuff is awesome! I have tried or used almost every product on the market. Some good, some great. This product line is absolutely the TOP. Bugs wipe off easily, same for bird droppings, or most all environmental fallout if you get my meaning.

Love this wash mitt,

– Two sides to the mitt: one made of chenille for cleaning and scrubbing, and one made of a soft towel material for polishing and detailing.
– Very soft, so I never once feared that it was too rough for my car or could potentially leave marks/small scratches.
– Very effective at picking up dirt, grime, oil, etc. and very absorbent of water.
– Doesn’t leave any lint or residue behind like other towels I have used prior to this mitt.
– Mitt has an elastic wristband that prevents it from slipping off of my hand (and I have pretty small wrists too).

– Takes a little bit of time to dry in between washes. Very easy to clean after using, however – I just run it under soapy water, rinse it out, and hang it to dry, but as the mitt is pretty thick, it will take at least half a day to completely dry.

Overall, it is definitely a must-have item for car enthusiasts, or even for anyone who just simply wants to use a high-quality wash product on their car.

I was able to receive it at a discounted price in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. It is a very well-designed product that is truly made for the purpose of quickly and efficiently washing/drying/detailing cars.


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