Product Review – #KatSense – Mouse Traps

Product Review – #KatSense – Mouse Traps

These are the modern version of the old time reliable mouse traps and if you load the bait correctly (I use peanut butter), AND you actually have at least one mouse to catch, you will. We’ve never seen a mouse at our house (inside or outside) in the thirty years we lived here, but after some thought, my husband and I decided to try the “new” mouse traps that trap a mouse in a bucket of water. Nope. So we thought, PHEW! We don’t have any mice and we live next to open mesas in a suburban area. Then, for good measure, I tried these old time mouse traps and we wound up catching 1 mouse a day for 8 days and then nothing from then on. So now we know. There are field mice in the mesa and they visit our backyard. Now we use these same traps about once a month to stay rid of the critters. No, they are not what you would call the “humane” traps but these work. We never caught one mouse with the “humane” traps we tried. But we don’t let the food go to waste. We take the dead little critters and throw them in the mesa and the roadrunners love ’em. So, to sum it up, if we have a mouse, it’s gonna find these traps if loaded correctly.
Oh, the reason we decided to see what was out there, as far as critters is because we are going to get a puppy and I thought it would be good to know. Unfortunately and very depressing to me, is that we caught a squirrel by the tail and he died. That was very sad and found it best to use very little bait so that the squirrels weren’t that interested. That was our only solution. If you know of a better one, please let me know. Hope this information is helpful to you.


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