Product Review – BBQ Grill Light – The Authentic #Grilluminator

Product Review – BBQ Grill Light – The Authentic #Grilluminator

I was pleasantly surprised this this LED BBQ Grill Light! I really didn’t know what to expect, but thought the idea of this was really cool so I ordered one. The first thing I was impressed with by this LED light is that it came with Batteries AND it came with a small screwdriver to open the door to put the batteries in. AMAZING! I think this is a first that everything has come together like this. To be honest, I asked my boyfriend to find a screwdriver and open the little door so I could put batteries in it. He’s looking at it telling me the screws were tiny, well yeah I knew that. Then tells me he has nothing to open it with. I asked him if the really small screwdriver for glasses would work. He said yes, and of course I responded with, well I don’t know where those are right now so don’t worry about it. About 2 seconds go by, and a light bulb goes off, I looked in the box the light comes in, and bam, there were three batteries inside, and a small screwdriver!!! I couldn’t believe it, and neither could he.

Once the batteries were in and the door was shut and screwed back on it was ready to go. The top has a button on it to turn it on, and it’s almost touchscreen, because you barely have to touch it and it changes. The BBQ Light, has THREE different light settings, yes 3! The first time you press it, it turns on to the lowest light setting, press it twice and it’s on medium light, and press the button three times and it’s the brightest it can go, which is very bright. It’s very easy to mount and adjust, and can rotate 360 Degrees.
This is great because there’s always those summer nights where you and your friends are up late and want to grill out, but can’t because there’s not enough light, well this solves that! I used this at my friends apartment the other night. They have a common area with grills. We usually grill almost in complete darkness every spring and summer, but not this year. My friend was super excited about this. You can also use this light for so many other things, camping, as a flashlight, your car, anything, it’s a great light!

Disclaimer I received a Discount on this item in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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