Product Review – Dot&Dot 15″ #PackingFolders

Product Review – Dot&Dot 15″ #PackingFolders

Our family of five recently went on a cruise and I was looking for something to maximize our luggage space and make the cramped cabin a little more organized. I LOVED THESE! I was able to pack 3 button down shirts and 7 or 8 golf shirts in this. The shirts were compact and virtually wrinkle free. My wife didn’t want to use one because she felt it was too much of a hassle. The best part was when we started to unpack on the ship, all I had to do was grab my travel bags and stack them in the closet shelves while she was unpacking her individual clothes, organizing them into drawers and hanging them up. During the trip I would take out the garment bag, open it up, select my shirt and close the rest back up into the bag. I didn’t have to hang them and they all stayed nice and neat. I travel quite a bit, so these will be getting a lot of use.

I received this garment folder directly from the manufacturer at no cost for evaluation, and here are my thoughts.


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