Product Review – #HighSpeedBBs Airsoft 0.20g BIO Pellets

Product Review – #HighSpeedBBs Airsoft 0.20g BIO Pellets

I just recently got into airsoft, and I can say right now that I plan on using this type of BB from #HighSpeedBBS for all my non-sniper airsoft weapons for a long while to come.

They are very high quality BBs, with no seams, no bubbles, and everything is perfect.

-Accurate from 50 feet with my Crosman Stinger r34 Springer rifle, no deviation whatsoever.
-Well Made (no seams or bubbles)
-Biodegradable: Perfect for backyard use as you don’t have to worry about having to collect them or have them damage your lawnmower as they shatter at 400 FPS from my personal experience, and don’t damage lawnmower blades when picked up. They just go into the yard debris and degrade with the compost.

Great BBs, I would recommend them to anyone.


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