Product Review – 100 LED #SolarRopeLightsWarmWhite

Product Review – 100 LED #SolarRopeLightsWarmWhite
I love my lights, We have a couple of sets of solar rope lights and I love the Warm White. Right now I have them above the windows in the sunroom, but I really wanted them to put them on the pontoon this summer (they were so pretty I’m leaving them up). Our boat has an enclosure so we can spend the night and these lights will be perfect, the rope lights are easy to manage and don’t get tangled up like the string lights do. The solar panel I can just set out on the deck and let the sun charge them up. Right now I have the solar panel setting in the window; when it’s sunny all day the lights stay on all night but if its cloudy they only stay on a few hours. There two buttons on the back of the solar panel one turns the lights on/off and the other controls the mode blinking/continues. The light colors Warm White.

I received this product at a discount for testing and honest evaluation.


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