Product Review – 25′ New Tech 3 (Flexible Garden Water Hose) – #GardenHose

This is a great expandable #gardenhose, though it may be a little pricey, it’s better to spend the money to get something that will last. Usually, you get what you pay for. The last thing you want while watering is to get leaks all over. I have not had that issue with this hose!
Many hoses like this skimp on the features, but this one has the right ones to give the product quality and durability.
The biggest things I noticed right away were:
– The fabric coating expands well, but protects at the same time. It also allows the hose to slip past itself pretty easily adding to the “no kink” nature of this hose.
– The large surface grips at both ends of the hose. They serve two purposes, both to aid in tightening the hose ends and as a slight strain relief, getting the hose away from the faucet it’s attached to. When using them as tightening aids, I instantly though, “Hmmm, why don’t all hoses have this?” It just allows you to get a full hand grip on it, and spin until tight, rather than fiddling with two fingers or better yet, channel lock pliers…
– The brass valve at the end of the hose is a nice addition. Especially with a hose like this, which might need to see full pressure before you can really use it. When using this with a sprinkler, for instance. Most cheap sprinklers don’t have a built in shut off, and it’s not great to stretch one of these hoses without pressure inside. Of course, you could just step on the hose to turn it “off” but this is a set it an forget it solution.
– The brass fittings are nice and solid. I’m not worried about them splitting or mis-threading, etc…This hose is certainly pricey at $26 for 25 feet, but if you compare this hose with some of the more “bargain” expandable hoses, you’ll see that this one should outlast those several times over. Throw in some of the bonuses that I mentioned above, and this is the hose you’ll want if you really intend to use it a lot.

I write reviews to help others make informed decisions when buying. If I helped you make your decision (to buy or not to buy) please rate my review helpful. If you think I left something out, disagree, or have a question, please comment! I will never post a review if it is not my genuine opinion/experience. I will not be bought! As such, I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review, but I strive to review such products as if I had paid full price.


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