Product Review – 2 #PackCableOrganizerSleeve

Product Review – 2 #PackCableOrganizerSleeve

I received this item at a discount to test and review. I know that the review of a discounted/free product is sometimes skipped over by potential buyers because they feel the review is biased. I do everything I can to be as honest and fair with my reviews as possible, because I personally don’t want to be misled in my own purchasing decisions by biased reviews.

What is included in the box:
Two 60″ long sleeve (1Pcs 60*0.6In and 1Pcs 60*0.4In)

What is the purpose of this item:
to help with managing cables

How does it perform/work:
the sleeves can be used as solid long cable wrap or you can cut it into smaller sections. This sleeve uses a Velcro system which allows you to adjust the diameter of the sleeve.

To sum it all up:
It a nice tough neoprene sleeve and the Velcro is the good industrial type that will hold well. I also reviewed the zip up sleeves by digit gear and although I liked them I like this better because I can cut it to size and the diameter is adjustable where with the zip up ones if you only have a few cables running through it, it can be loose and slide around. I definitely see benefits in both!

*I received this item at a discount in exchange for a truthful and unbiased review.




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