Product Review – #lilyanddrew Travel toiletry cosmetic cable bag

Product Review – #lilyanddrew Travel toiletry cosmetic cable bag

Pros: Compact When Zipped, Spacious, Sturdy
Cons: None That I Can Think Of

When I first opened this item from the package, I thought, “Oh, geez…another small toiletry bag that won’t fit any of my stuff. I was totally mistaken! This is perfect. This is great!

I got this toiletry bag in black. Let me tell you, it looks small, but it’s very spacious and holds a lot of stuff. I’m completely and utterly impressed with what this item can hold.  It literally holds everything that I need. I’m going on a 2-week vacation soon, so I’ll need to fit my razor, my perfume, my shower cap, my hair bonnet, and my toothbrush inside here, still. I think it’ll be able to do it, but I’ll definitely give an update to my review if it doesn’t.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase.  I think you’d like this product, but please note, I’ve put my lotions and creams into “travel size” containers for it to fit. So if you’re like me, then I think this would be perfect for you. Enjoy!

This is an honest review, so if you find my review helpful in anyway, I purchased this item for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and forthcoming review. Please note… I was not coerced into leaving a positive review. I could leave a positive or negative review based on my experience with this product, and I did as such. I hope this helps!


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