Product Review – Cable Clips, SCYA Desktop Cord Management

These magnetic #SCYACableClips are a very good implementation of cord management that is removable. What I like about them is that you can use the magnet clips to stick on to any metal surface which makes these have multiple areas of use. I am always in need of cable management as I hate when cords always end up falling behind my desk or nightstand.

These are made of hard plastic and the magnets seem like they will fall out easy after a little time but using a dab of super-glue will fix this problem for good. There is a 3M strip on the back for sticking it to any surface. It works best on more of a rough surface as it seems to be easily moveable on a smooth surface like my nightstand. I have some extra 3M tape that I end up adding to a lot of products that use the sticky backing or I use Velcro.

For the price I think this does an excellent job and lets you easily keep the magnets on the cables if you need to move them. It is super easy to remove the magnet from the cable as well. You just pull up the little black locking latch. My only suggestion would be to make the usable magnetic area a little larger as the stick on area is about 2 inches. I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and I was not paid for this review. I write all of my reviews from a user point of view and do not play favorites so if you found this review helpful, please vote yes below.


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