Product Review – #JASTEKUSBCABLES – Multi USB Charging Cables

Product Review – #JASTEKUSBCABLES – Multi USB Charging Cables

I am genuinely pleased with how great this multi cable works. It honestly looks a bit cheap, but it works incredibly well and it delivers more electrical power than almost all of my other charging cables. I checked the outgoing electrical current using a Digital Multimeter which showed 1.37 amps was being delivered to my smartphone.

The cords are all flat cables that resist tangles (although they are short enough that tangles are unlikely anyways).
Each type of cable has its own color.
Red = Micro USB , USB Type C
Yeallow = Micro USB
Blue = Mini USB
Green = Lightning Cable
2nd Blue = USB (full size)

The clip feels a bit cheap, but it is convenient as this is now the only cord that I carry daily in my laptop bag. Absolutely worth purchasing (as it is easily cheaper than purchasing all the cables separately).

Note: The seller provided me with a free, or discounted copy of this item in exchange for my honest & unbiased review. Seriously though, this cable is great!


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