Product Review – CaseMe iPhone 6 PLUS Leather Wallet Case

Product Review – #iphone6case

I purchased my CaseMe Genuine Leather iPhone Case in preparation of a vacation. I don’t want to lug a purse and camera bag around to attractions. This will allow me to have my cell phone, cards and money on me without carrying a purse.

When it arrived I loved it! My husband begged me to give it to him. My husband has an iPhone 6 Plus as well. But for once I actually kept something for myself. I love how it looks. The leather is nice. The stitching is top notch. The cut-outs are in the perfect places. The iPhone popped into the holder with no effort. I just have just one complaint, and the pictures really don’t do my complaint justice as I spent all my cash yesterday- my wallet is empty. Please keep that in mind when you look at the picture. Because the complaint is the case does not close flat. And, it’s much worse when you money in your wallet. In fact, I find myself using a plain, black hair-tie to make it shut more flat- I tie it around the case. Otherwise, this case is nearly perfect.

I had a difficult time docking the case a star. I really wanted to give it five stars, because I genuinely love this case. But for the amount it costs it should sit flat/close all the way. In fact, it should have a buckle or something, because by not closing tight if it’s dropped you are at risk of your screen shattering. When I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus (at launch) it wasn’t cheap. The piece between the iPhone holder and the credit card case should be longer. This simple fix would have resolved the issue. Additionally, a buckle would have been nice.

I received the iPhone CaseMe Leather Case at a discount or free in exchange for my honest review. With that said, I’d purchase the case again even though it doesn’t close all the way… I like it that much! If you found my review helpful please click/tap the “yes” icon. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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