Product Review – 3 Blowout Party Light Up Balloons

Product Review – 3 #BlowoutParty Light Up Balloons

Here is a novel party idea – LED light up balloons! The Blowout Balloons come in a pack of 5, each with its own LED stem that lights up with a press of a button.

My package of 5 had one defective one. The balloon had a hole in it, bummer. Luckily that was the only one. They balloons inflate by either manually or using an air or helium tank. Once the balloon is tied – the light fun can begin. The switch is located inside the balloon at the top of the stem.

They are quick to inflate but I could not get them as large as 14 inches per the package. The LED lights cycle through many colors and flashing patterns. It looks really good in a dark environment. It is hard to see the colors in a brightly lit room. These are best suited for nighttime fun.

I received a discount to purchase this product in order to write my honest and unbiased review. The opinions above are my own and were not influenced in any way. Others experience may vary.


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