Product Review – IPhone 6s/6 Plus 5.5 inch case waterproof drop

#aowotoiphone6pluswaterproofcase – Product Review – IPhone 6s/6 Plus 5.5 inch case waterproof drop

If you are like me, your phone is a very important part of your life. Now, let me begin by saying I did not NEED a waterproof phone case. However, as an Amazon reviewer I was able to receive one for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and I an under no obligation to give anything but just that. This case is great. It comes with very simple instructions to first test your case’s water proofing and then how to put your phone inside. The “tissue test” worked out just fine and there was no leakage. (You essentially put a tissue in the case and submerge it first and then afterwards you know your phone will be safe from water, etc.) One of the features I absolutely love is that the case replaces the flap to change your phone to vibrate with a wheel switch. I have huge hands and despise having to open the flap on my old case in order to stick the tip of my finger in and fumble with the switch ensuring it is on vibrate. This little wheel switch removes all the fuss and worry and make it a breeze. (That alone was worth getting this case, the waterproofing was a great bonus.) Overall, this case is totally worth it if you like the water or are accident prone around sinks and tubs (or if you have small children who like to flush things….) or if you are like me and you want maximum protection without a lot of fuss. Great purchase so far, but if anything happens to change my opinion, I will amend my review with an addendum.


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