Product Review – NYB Tea Tree Oil 45% terpenin-4-ol (Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree)

Product Review -#NewYorkBiology Tea Tree Oil 45% terpenin-4-ol (Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree)
I always love tea tree oil, I regularly purchased tea tree oil to use in my diffuser along with some lavender oil and lemon oil and the whole room smelled great within minutes. This Pure Body Natural tea tree oil also a great help for us to alleviate some acne problems. Usually I use a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil, then I applied to the acne prone skin. it is definitely as effective as using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, but the tea tree oil solution is much less irritating to the sensitive skin. This product is packaged in a bubble wrap bag and comes in an amber glass bottle. There is a glass eyedropper included for easy application. Tea Tree Oil has a strong smell, This is 100% pure and has a strong scent. As soon as I smelled it, I could tell this was high quality oil, I know some people doesn’t like the smell but I love it, is smell clean and fresh. Usually I use this oil to disinfectant hotel bedspread, to keep me away from bedbugs or other insects, it does works great. I always take this oil everywhere with me when I traveling.
I was fortunate to received this product at a discounted/ free rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. this review based on my personal preference and experiences using this product. I will update this review if I notice any change or if the product damage after a few months of use. Please let me know if you think my review has been helpful to you, by click ‘yes” button below indicating so. Thank you


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