Product Review – #OutdoorCover Universal Protector for 44″-46″ TV

Product Review – #OutdoorCover Universal Protector for 44″-46″ TV

My family is always doing things outside for family gatherings, so many of us have decided to do a “movie” when we are outside. Whether it is a cartoon for the kids, a movie for the adults, or a game, we have all decided that we would like for some entertainment that is not music to be available to help with “crowd control” and to keep everyone from going inside and playing on their electronics. When I ordered this outdoor TV cover and the other three that I purchased, I had no idea if I would actually like them or not, but I do.

My whole family does. We have all agreed that the quality is superb, and we wanted to voice that opinion to others who may be considering purchasing them. Because of that, I would like to really focus on the fact that they are water proof. My husband literally ran a hose over each of them before we trusted our TVs to them, and they did not leak a bit. My biggest bit of advice is to make sure that you get the correct size, test yours when your package is delivered, and make sure that it seals properly. Mistakes happen, so it is possible that one will be flawed here and there, but I am positive the company will help you rectify that situation if it occurs. I am very pleased with this product, and I hope that everyone else who purchases one is as well.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I am in no affiliated with the product or the company, so all of the experiences and opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.



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