Product Review – Foldable Mesh Screen Food Cover #Tents

Product Review – Foldable Mesh Screen Food Cover #Tents

With the changes in the weather, my family is being cautious of bugs and we don’t want any bugs, especially those pesky flies and gnats, in our foods. I purchased this food shield to help prevent any bugs getting into our food. There are a total of 4 nets that the package comes with. All of the nets are packaged in a black drawstring carrying bag.  The food covers pull out into a dome shape that easily covers and goes around your food, protecting it from bugs of all nature. To open the food cover, there is a simple pull on string in the middle of the cover. Pull the string all the way out until it locks into place. My kids thought that it was super simple and compared the process similar to an umbrella but in reverse. The netting of the food covers is super thin and close to help insure bugs won’t be able to fly through but still enough ventilation to not spoil your food. Also, there is a bottom extension piece that helps make sure that no bugs can crawl in. I like this because I can leave left overs out or make breakfast for the kids before I go to work and not worry about if there would be bugs that come into it. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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