Product Review – #FugetekSolarmotionlight 38 LED

My mom has trouble seeing at night so I wanted to get something to help her get in and out of the house when we go out.
This light will help so much. It’s been raining so I have not been able to install it outside but I wanted to test how bright it was and the different functions so I held it up in the living room and had her walk by it. The bright setting lit up the whole room (which is the biggest room in the house) to where we could see everything. Even the low setting is pretty bright. It’s made from durable material so I am not afraid it will stop working with the rain we are getting. The solar panel is large so it should charge the battery quickly.
It took me a min. to figure out how to work it so I will explain it. On the light next to the ball looking thing there is a button. Hold that down a few seconds and it turns on. This sets it to the first setting which is on low all the time and if you walk into the sensor it gets bright for 10 seconds then goes back to low. Push the button again and you get the setting for bright motion sensing only. This means that it only turns on when you walk into the sensor and then turns off after about 30 seconds. Push the button a third time and it gives you the setting for low motion sensing. Push a fourth time and it turns the light off. As this is solar powered you need to make sure you put it in a place that gets sun most of the day.
Overall, we love this light and I can’t wait for it to stop raining so I can put it up. I received this item free/discounted in exchange for an honest review.


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