Product Review – Bicycle Pack Supplies Bundle by #Jumaxis

This saddle bag is awesome. It took me a second to figure out how it goes on and the lack of directions didn’t help. If you put the top piece on the wrong way, you’ll know it is when you go and put the bag on the bike. Simply take the velcro straps off and redo. I don’t usually ride with this type of bag but on my road bike I wanted somewhere to put my phone so that I have easier access to it while enjoying my ride. No more fumbling for my phone. It has two side pouches for other things like keys, spare tube, small tools etc. I didn’t think the straps were that rugged so just be aware while you are putting this on your bike. If you need a saddle bag to swap between bikes I would say pass on this one. However, it should hold up if you don’t keep removing it. It didn’t seem to mark up the bike any yet so that is a plus. The phone storage area is big enough to store my Samsung Galaxy s5 with a case so you shouldn’t use this with anything larger like a note. It is also protected behind a responsive plastic covering from light rain. I received the silver and black and it is rather nice but I wish I had gotten the red one. Maybe next buy.
All in all, this is a great bag if you need a saddle bag. I would buy two if swapping them is what you plan on doing.
I did receive this product at a discounted rate but I generally don’t give out 4 star reviews without the product meeting certain criteria. I believe this product has met the 4 star criteria. I use reviews just like your do to make purchases so I make sure they are as honest as can be. On another note, I am not punished for lackluster reviews nor am I praised for positive ones.
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