Product Review – #TripWorthy Travel Umbrella

Product Review – #TripWorthy Travel Umbrella

This is a very nice umbrella and I really hated to deduct a star from it but I am sad to say that if you are a person with weak hands or arms this may be a bit to much for you to shut. I shut it fine after realizing i would need to use a little pressure to get it to snap back together but I am here to tell you that it is really nice.

It comes in a very nice durable carry case that has the #TripWorthy logo on the outside of it.  The umbrella itself has a velcro strip that holds it shut. The velcro is nice and durable and seems to be nice and sticky holding the umbrella shut nice and tight.

The umbrella has a nice handle that is easy to hold onto as it has grooves where your fingers will be sitting on the handle, the rubber makes it non slippery even if it is wet so no worries about this umbrella sliding out of your hand. There is a button with two arrows pointing up and down which is where you will open and shut your umbrella. There is also a wrist strap on the handle for easy carrying.

When you push the up arrow your umbrella will pop up fast and firmly and ready to go, when you are finished just push the down arrow and it will close your umbrella section but from there you will need to pull it down and fasten it, that is where I feel some people may have a little issue if you are weak in the hands or arms, I am mainly thinking of elderly folks but just my own thoughts on that.

I really love this umbrella and would give it a 5 star if it hadn’t been for that one little issue.

I received this at a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and that is what I have provided based on my own personal opinion of this product.


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