Product Review – Jump Rope – Survival and Cross – Aluminum Handle

#SACAluminumRope – Product Review – Jump Rope – Survival and Cross – Aluminum Handle

I decided to get and try this great product because I do a lot of outdoor activities and some exercices. This is one good addition to my daily existing “machines”.
When I got these I had to adjust them a little for my height and if you are really short you might have to cut the steel cable at the end. This is a very well made, high quality jump rope. Fortunately these are very easy and quick to adjust which is a good thing, the other jump ropes I have used always had a harder system requiring tools of some sort. this jump rope seems pretty durable too since the handles are made out of aluminum, if you drop them they won’t crack or chip or anything. The cable spins really fast so it’s easy to get your double-unders and all the fancy stuff in with these. One thing to take note is if you are looking for a heavy rope, this is probably not what you want. This is a really slick, lightweight rope with thin handles which is good if your hands get tired easy, you barely notice the weight of these when skipping. Also these make it easy to replace the jump rope cable if yours happens to break since they are fast and easy to adjust.
Couldn’t think of any flaws at this point. If anything goes wrong with it, i will get an update on it.
In general, this item is easy to use, durable, dependable and I do totally recommend it.The price benchmark at this time is totally a good deal. It is worth every cent of your money because it is exactly works for what it intends to do. Excellent – I love these, Perfect for practicing double unders. Great looking, I like that the adjustment comes with an allen key at the top. Comes with a helpful hints booklet, extra parts (extra rope, extra allen keys, a bag). Great product, Great price. Great customer service. I would definitely recommend this product.
Im privileged to receive this at no cost/a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
I hope the photo can give you an idea and help you with your decision.
The opinion and photos of other reviewers helps me when purchasing items here on amazon. In return I want to help you.


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