Product Review – Titanium Scissors 4 Pack

Product Review – #zitriom Titanium Scissors 4 Pack

This is a fun, colorful and SHARP set of scissors. The handles are very ergonomic and fit in my hand perfectly. The titanium blades literally slice through paper with almost no effort. I tried them on fabrics, newspapers, cardboard and, believe it or not, on a matted knot my cat had gotten on her back somehow. These scissors cut through everything quickly, cleanly and smoothly. While some people may not need five pairs all at once, my husband and I were pleased to find a set of five, as it seems like we are always misplacing our scissors, and because we need to use them in multiple places (my office, our lake house, our home, and on the boat), this box was just right for us. I received a sample of this product for free for my honest unbiased review.


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