Product Review – #CushionCare Premium Wrist Rest – Platinum

Product Review – #CushionCare Premium Wrist Rest – Platinum

I’m very glad I now have a better mouse pad and an additional keyboard wrist restpad. I can say that it’s the best thing ever to have for your hand and wrist if your work requires you to use a computer all the time like my job. I am just impressed with the quality and support it provides. There’s a gel pad on the bottom of the mouse pad it relieves pain and eliminates the stress put on your hand and wrist working long hours using a computer. The keyboard supports your left and right hand while typing and the mouse pad supports the right hand while using the mouse. Repetitive motion all day can cause a lot of stress and even pain after prolonged period of time. They’re great especially for people who has carpal tunnel and arthritis. I just really feel I need them because after all day of typing, my hands and wrist feel so tired/weary and achy at times. This keyboard and mouse pad wrist rest pads is great to have, I really like them. It felt good on your hand and wrist, it supports very well. It also relieves the pressure when working on a computer. So easy to set up and easy to clean.

I received the product at a discount in exchange for honest review. All my reviews are completely my own and are based on my overall personal experience using the product. I like leaving reviews so it helps other customers make good buying decisions. I am now enjoying every time I use my computer, it makes a big difference to have these keyboard and mouse wrist support pads. I genuinely love this product and I highly recommend to office workers and anyone who uses computer a lot! Perfect tool for me at work!


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