Product Review – XIKEZAN Black Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case

Product Review – #XIKEZANcase Black Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case

I know that the Galaxy S7 is already waterproof up to 5 feet for 30 minutes, but that doesn’t offer protection for snorkeling (my main reason for wanting a waterproof case). Also, many users have reported damaged sound quality after submerging their phone which gives more reason to use a waterproof case. Saltwater (or water with a lot of sediment) can cause problems with salt being left over after drying and damage the charging port. The waterproofing built into the S7 is more for emergency protection, and not everyday use in the water.

I tore a piece of a paper towel and put it in the case. I submerged it under water and left if overnight. When I check it the next day, the paper towel was perfectly dry. I also lightly pressed on the front cover of the case to see if any air leaked out and it did not. Based on these results, I would fully trust this case under water. I would still be cautious if using it in water deeper than the 9.8 feet advertised, but I don’t see any issues going a little deeper.

Case Protection:
I only plan on using this case when I actually need the waterproofing protection. For me, this means going to the beach or pool, or when fishing out on a lake. The protection it provides is pretty good. I believe that it would protect the phone from your average drops that most users experience. It is a little bulky which helps add to the protection. I would recommend replacing the case (or at the least checking to ensure case is still waterproof) after any big drops because it could damage the waterproofing of the case.

The biggest drawback with this case is you lose access to your volume buttons and power button. Since I will only be using the case when snorkeling or fishing, it’s not a huge issue since I can still turn my phone on to take pictures and have it sleep automatically after 1 minute. But if you plan on using this case more frequently, you will have to tolerate this. Also, you loose the appeal of the Edge screen, but this doesn’t matter to me since this is not my everyday case.

Overall this is a great case for adding extra waterproofing to the phone. I wish I could use the power and volume buttons when in the case, but isn’t a deal breaker for me since the case will only be used when actually out on the waters. The included lanyard is very nice to ensure you don’t lose your phone.

Writing in-depth reviews to help other shoppers has become a hobby of mine. If you found this review helpful please mark “Yes” below. Also, feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them for you!

I did receive this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.


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