Product Review – Best Office Business Home Quote Wall Decal

Product Review – #7ProductGroup – Best Office Business Home Quote Wall Decal

I love uplifting and inspirational sayings. I have several in my office and around the house. They are a nice reminder that although you are in a challenging place need to keep moving toward your goal. Never give up!

The finished look is nice! It is a black matte finish and depending on the surface you place it on, looks like it was painted on. We haven’t tried removing this wall decal yet but if it is like other vinyl wall decals, it should just lift off easily without damaging the under surface.

Overall, I like this wall decal. I like what it says and smile when I walk past it in my hallway.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about my experience please leave me a comment. I will be happy to follow up on my experience with this product.

As a blogger, I am often provided product samples by companies at a reduced price for consideration and/or review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for others. I refuse to review or endorse products that I have not or will not personally try. Needless to say, I may be a product reviewer but my thoughts are my own and the discount did not influence my opinion of this product.

My comments are based on my experiences with the product. I am also a consumer and appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products.


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