Product Review – Silicone Wristband Bracelet

Product Review – Silicone Wristband #NBAbracelets

These NBA Basketball Star bracelet sets were a great find, I know my nephews are going to love me this year. These bracelets are excellent for the young men of the household rooting for their favorite teams and sporting it on their wrist as well, its like a right of passage to the youth. And these bracelets are definitely on the COOL list!

Disclosure:: I received this product in exchange for my evaluation and to provide my personal honest and unbiased opinion about this product. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review for this product, nor am I receiving any incentive, payment or reward for doing so. A positive review in my case is only given for positive product attributes, over all effects, or performance, NOT just to boost the manufacturer.

My main goal is to simply inform a potential customer of any positive or negative attributes about the product and its effectiveness or performance, just as I would like to know for myself. (You Know, You Wanna Know…..)

My review is solely based on my personal experience with this product and hope that this review helps with your decision to purchase.


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