Product Review – U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles!

Product Review – #UFITGoggles Comfort Swim Goggles!

Wow! As comfy as could be and they don’t leak at all. I was using the Swedish goggles and then put these on. Zero leaks and you don’t have to have these on super tight to avoid leaks

STRAP: Easily adjusted via the release lever. They are more compliant than standard rubber and do not pull the lenses too hard against your eyes. They are very grippy. They stay put on my head even when I launch off the wall.

SEALS: Water tight and cushion well. I don’t feel fatigue in the sockets the way I do with cheap foam seals.

LENSES: Clear enough to make out the lines in the pool and surprisingly fog-free.

CONCLUSION: If you swim laps in a public pool, you must wear goggles. Some places, it’s a rule, but for the sake of your vision, you should wear them anyway. I’ve worn dozens of goggles in my lifetime and these are hands-down the best. My eyes usually get tired before I do and cut my swim short. These have greatly extended the time I can spend in the water. And that deserves a 5-star “I love it” rating.

As a blogger, I am often provided product samples by companies at a reduced price for consideration and/or review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for others. I refuse to review or endorse products that I have not or will not personally try. Needless to say, I may be a product reviewer but my thoughts are my own and the discount did not influence my opinion of this product. My comments are based on my experiences with the product. I am also a consumer and appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products.


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