Product Review – 3 Trekking Hiking Pole Pair

Product Review – #roweoutdoors – 3 Trekking Hiking Pole Pair

I am absolutely delighted with the quality of these hiking poles. The service and packaging were fantastic.

Well made and great materials. Poles are light weight and the grips are very comfortable. These poles feature quick locking mechanisms that aren’t only quick and easy, but lock the poles in securely. You get tips for dirt, mud, and even snow. They felt really stable in hand and gave me a lot of confidence.

After a couple of hikes over the past few weeks, I haven’t encountered any problems. But if I do, I will update this review.

I love hiking with poles now and I would recommend everything consider it. When hiking steep inclines they help carry some weight for you. I like resting on them too when taking a break. These are really light and a pleasure to use.

I received this product in exchange for my fair, unbiased, and honest opinion. The opinion expressed here are entirely based on my observation of the product.


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