Product Review – Premium 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set

Product Review – #ravioliset – Premium 4-Piece Ravioli Maker Set

I know this is intended for ravioli but I got it to make treats and tiny pie crusts and turnovers. It is a sturdy set of tools and leaves a nice imprint that I now do not have to do with a fork. It is symmetrical and makes for a much quicker job all around when making multiple treats. With this my kids and grandkids can help, too. More like they get to have fun making their own masterpieces. The handles are perfect for them to be able to use. These cutters are easy to clean and strong enough to handle the abuse of my grandkids smashing it down onto the crust while making their treats. I enjoy these because it is something simple that can help offer family time while I’m making pies and treats where without these I’m constantly saying go play, now I’m saying here’s some crust for you, roll it out and use this. I was hoping the ridges weren’t very sharp but enough to put proper folds in the crusts and the design is actually great for doing just that. Having both shapes adds variety and spices up the treats I’ve made for years to give them a new presentation.

I received this at a discounted price for an honest review.


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