Product Review – Dental Hygiene Kit

Product Review – #DentalHygieneKit

First, I’m not a dentist so, I’m not qualified to judge the true quality of this product. However, the appearance, feel, and assumed quality seems to be professional. Nice solid tool kit. They definitely work. They came well packaged with little plastic end covers so I wouldn’t stab myself with one of the pointy ends when I unzipped the pouch.

I got this set because I hate to floss thus, some plaque does develop periodically between annual dentist cleanings, especially around the bottom front teeth. In the past I’ve attempt to prod and poke around my teeth with various household tools, including metal finger nail files and cuticle trimmers. Nothing really worked well and, so, I purchased this set of tools in the hopes of performing a better job. They work. While performing this task, the sound that these tools make scraping my teeth is identical to that I experience at the dentist office. Good purchase… I’m keeping this item and I consider it worth the money.

I was fortunate to received this product at a discounted/ free rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. this review based on my personal preference and experiences using this product.




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