This is a nice garden nozzle that works very well.

I removed it from the packaging, added one rubber washer to it (included) screwed it onto my hose…. turned on the water.. and found it to be a very good nozzle , good water flow and pressure and with many patterns to pick from. There was no leakage or drips coming from the connection.

You turn the dial to select the spray you want and your in business!

It has a lock on it so you can lock it into the spray that you want for long term spraying.

It is constructed well and feels good and secure in your hand, not flimsy, I already had a very ideal heavy duty nozzle on the hose by the house and found this one to compare very well with that one… so I will add this one to the garden hose further out in the yard.

I tried it on a second hose that is hooked up by the garden area and it performed well even with the inexpensive hose I have out there… its a keeper.. .it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

I received a sample product for my use, evaluation and review.


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