Durable & Comfortable!

This is an amazing hammock from #liveinfinitely!  First, the hammock and the included straps all fit nicely inside the pouch. I have had hammocks before where the pouch is not attached to the actual hammock, and I always lost it. This pouch is securely attached to the hammock. The included straps are great! They wrap around trees and don’t slide down. The straps feel very durable and feel like they are made out of very good quality material. The hammock itself is very comfortable. The material is extremely soft! The size of the hammock is great! There is enough material on both sides that I can comfortably and easily roll to lay on my side. Overall and amazing hammock. I would definitely recommend!

-straps are thick and strong webbing, with thick stitches running down the length
-fabric of the hammock itself is very strong
-everything you need to set it up comes with it
-simple and quick enough to set up.  I will set it up in our front yard just to enjoy the weather and read a book, like one might lay out in a lawn chair
-lightweight enough to go on backpacking trips (her bag with all her camping gear must be within a certain percentage of her weight)
-roomy enough 2 or 3 kids could sit on it for a bench.
-very, very comfortable

-None to report

Also worth mentioning, Live Infinitely had fabulous customer support! I emailed them and they responded quickly and answered my questions.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


A great, mild dark chocolate

Great #BouchardChocolate – For those of you who love dark chocolate, but can’t handle the 70% + stuff, and want something less sweet than Dove, this is it. One package goes a long way because the lower amount of sugar means your appetite is less stimulated and you taste the chocolate better than with Dove. You will be able to find this product at Costco or just contact the manufacture at  Bouchard Chocolate Website, They have a great customer service that will get back to you in a short time.


Works really well!

This Bottle Koozie Keeper from #universalgleam is the best. It fits a standard 12 ounce bottle nicely. This is made of stainless steel which I have recently come to realize works very well as an insulator of hot or cold beverage. It comes with a bottle opener and it is lined in a neoprene layer that is about a half inch thick.

You unscrew the bottom section of the Koozie and slip the bottle in and put the bottom piece back on and it in there securely.  It cleans up very easily, take the bottom off and clean with soapy water. Be certain to dry the neoprene liner before you seal it it up so that there will be no mold inside. I initially thought to myself, how will this keep my bottle cold and unbreakable. Well this neoprene lining keeps it insulated and protected at the same time.

Did I mention how cold this keeps your drink? Well it does a very good job of keeping something cold. Now I have another trick for you! I put my bottle in this and then place it in the cooler on ice, When I am ready for my drink it is ice cold.

This item was provided to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I truly use and reuse every item I receive in this manner and tell you what it is that’s great or not so great about it.

These Sharp Shears sure work!

I love these pruning #gardenshears ! I received at a discount.  Finally, a pair of well-crafted, high quality pruning shears that have a smooth-glide blade action, snip leaves and tiny branches with ease, and feel simply perfect in your hand. Immediately I was struck with the thoughtfulness by which these shears were constructed. They have a little moveable lock at one of the handles to hold both handles together when the tool is not in use. The blades are extremely sharp and smooth, moving effortlessly when pruning. The weight of the tool is ideal and it feels great when using it out in the garden. I’m so pleased and recommend these pruning shears to anyone who loves gardening and landscaping.  Highly recommended!

Available from Amazon at: http://ow.ly/v6WF305BXZA

A good lightning cable that works well and sells for a good price!

Product Review – #powerupcables Lighting Cable to USB (MFi Certified) 3ft

Between having iPhones and iPads we need lightning cables in multiple places. We have them in our bedroom to charge our tablets at night. We have them in several computers. We have them in the kitchen, office and even in both of our cars. When you purchase a lightning cable you have to make sure that it is MFI certified so it will work with your IOS devices. You also have to make sure that it is made of high quality materials, like a large diameter of wire to carry the adequate current to charge your devices at the maximum rate.

I also look at the strain reliefs on the cable to make sure that they are nicely designed as this is one of the things that makes the cable hold up under constant use. I also have several iPhone units and I make sure that the cable easily fits into the charging port of the iPhone and case. I refuse to remove a phone from a case to charge or sync it. I do testing on every cable I review on how well they sync the devices with my computers and how does the charging rate compare to the original Apple lightning cable. I actually make measurements of the voltage and current passing through the wire.

This cable worked perfectly and it is made with high quality materials and the construction is good. It performed as well as the Apple cable, it is MFI certified and it sells for ½ of the price.   I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation. A review was not promised to the supplier in exchange for the sample but I stated that if I provided a review that it would be fair and honest.

Close Shave and Comfy on his face

Product Review – #daveocean33 Grand Father Safety Razor Butterfly Door

For a long time my husband and I have been trying to decide on a razor that works well for him. He like to shave daily. He’s also young and still has blemishes here and there often getting caught in disposable razors. We have tried everything from 2 to 5 blade razors, disposable to electric, Shick/Bic and Gillette. I have couponed and stockpiled razors for months trying to get ahead of his needs, anticipate which he wanted, etc.

Within the last few months I decided we would get a subscription to the dollar men’s shave club. That got postponed, because he found a different subscription to try involving a double edge razor, we decided we’d look into it and found out it was expensive and we could do our own shopping much cheaper. I mean, he’d never used a DE razor before, what if all that money was a waste? Luckily, as he was down to his last 2 disposable razors in the box, we found this Parker New 99R Double edge safety razor set. He has never loved a razor more than this one, I honestly think we have a winner.

He said it was comfy on his face, didn’t hurt, and was easy to use. He’s normally a very critical person, so for him to literally have nothing negative to say about this razor, is actually a huge deal. He is also getting a really good close shave as well-I can personally vouch for that, no more stubble at lunch time. This double edge razor set may have just changed everything while significantly trimming our budgets as well. He was only getting 1 or 2 shaves with a disposable razor, and he’s gotten twice as much use out of just one razor right now. I am incredibly happy that this set has brought his much more stress free mornings, as well as shown less irritation on his skin after shaving. I received it at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Nice breathable corset with bones that don’t poke

#Corset are a must-have for me to shape my waist. This is my third corset and it is the best compared to the other two.   This corset has exceeded my expectation. I was hesitant at first because I thought it was uncomfortable and bones that will poke me. But no, I was WRONG. This one is comfortable to wear because of it’s breathable material. The bones are soft enough that they do not interfere with my babies when sitting down. I was surprised!

Also, it has a nice color, soft on the skin, does not make me feel hot when worn all day or even when sleeping. Love the three adjustable tightness of this corset. I am using the middle hooks right now and I trust it can help me trim down a few pounds if I continue wearing it. Made with high quality material and good price.

I received this product for free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.  Available from Amazon at: http://ow.ly/zNs3305zGUV

Quality and comfort!

#promotion – This tennis elbow brace is high quality like the ones the doctor would give you only a better price. It has a nice thick pad with just enough pressure to help with pain. The Velcro strap it really thick and can be adjusted from small to extra large as the Velcro goes all the way around. It has a light breathable material inside so sweating and having it slide is not an issue at all. Also comes with a nice sports bag to bring your towel and water bottle with you while working out or playing.

available from Amazon at: http://ow.ly/UHjt305zGfi .  I received this item at a discount for my honest review.


Incredible value, quality and uses!

I had recently purchased this for my husband at a discount from #Sacko to take his lunches to work in and wanted something that would hold multiple containers of leftovers in. The lining is very high quality and thick- about a quarter inch of insulation. It’s great for a lunch bag, but I was so impressed when I packed it up to take to a football game, thinking I would need a cooler- this little guy was perfect!  I was able to fit 9 bottles in the main compartment, a water bottle on the side, an ice pack and a sandwich in the front pocket and snacks! It was all we needed for the whole afternoon and evening.
The zippers are heavy duty and the stitching is thick, which I really like because that’s exactly where our old one was falling apart (literally at the seams). And, unlike other products, I didn’t have to spray it with anything to get rid of the smell!
You can not beat the quality of this bag, especially for the price. Very happy with my purchase.


Awesome look!


I thought the concept of this Squared Pocket Square Holder was very cool, not having to fold (And refold) an actual handkerchief and iron it in the morning, but I wasn’t sure how this product would work…It provides the exact same effect as a folded handkerchief. The base ( is a sturdy cardboard material,

Great product I received at a discount. Definitely gets the job done and you can’t even notice it’s pre folded.  I would highly recommend this.