Product Review – Keliwa Silicone Donut Baking Pan

Product Review -#keliwadonutpan Silicone Donut Baking Pan

I have been wanting to make baked apple donuts for a while now. I saw these silicone donut molds and knew I had to have them. I prefer silicone for baking. No more greasing pan after pan. No more sticking baked good that look terrible. And no more scrubbing pans after you are done baking. With these silicone donut pans you don’t need to grease with any oil, spray or butter. The donuts come out perfect every time. They won’t stick. And the flexibility of the silicone means the donuts pop out each and every time in one piece. And cleanup is easy with soap and hot water. Our donuts baked up perfectly and were so much better for us than anything fried in oil. And because they weren’t greasy they stayed fresher longer. If you’ve been wanting to try baked donuts you need to get this pan to try them out. This donut pan was provided in exchange of my honest opinion.



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