Adequate Car cover, Keep my car clean

Product Review – #leaderaccessoriescarcover 3 Layer Car Cover up to 16’8

I got this cover because I park my 2010 Honda Accord in my driveway and it gets dusty pretty fast. Aside from that, leaves from neighbors’ trees get in the trim of the windows, doors and windshield. I also see a lot of yellow spots…until now I don’t know if it’s from tree pollen or bird poop. I would have liked a waterproof cover but…. Anyway during the rainy season I plan to just keep the car uncovered.

This is a modest car cover. The material is 3 layer fabric. . The car cover fit my little Honda Accord OK, but it looks rather baggy in places. I use this car cover to defend against large quantities of guano and moderate quantities of tree sap and pine needles. Adequate, barely. A giant owl dropping would probably soak through.


If you cannot find a size that matches your brand new car, then search for the same make and model of car, but one year old. I had to do this to find a match for my ride.

Find a colorful ribbon and attach it to the grommet that will hang near the driver’s side door of your car. When deploying the car cover, you can look for this ribbon. You will then avoid trying to fit the cover backwards or sideways.

Side note: I did get this item for free or at a discounted price for my unbiased review. I am in no way affiliated with this company. I leave my honest opinions on each product in hopes that it will help someone in the future.


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