Great quality, very slimming and good for a dressy occasion or office setting

This skirt from #KateKasin is much nicer and much better quality than I’d expected. The material is very thick and stretchy and conforming to the body. I ordered an M, and it fits perfect. Definitely order your usual size, Sometimes I sized up ordering from Amazon because of previous experience with clothing from overseas. With this skirt you don’t need to do that. The fit is very nice, the seams are extremely sturdy and the zipper works fine.

To be honest, I thought this skirt was way more casual than it is. The skirt is really best suited for an office or business environment, pair this with a blazer or dress shirt and you’re good to go. The length of the skirt is longer than I expected as well, I’m sort of tall and have a long torso, this came down right above my knees in the front, and below my knees in the back. Overall, I do recommend this skirt, especially if you work in a business environment. For me, I work from home so I’ll be saving this for a date night, it’s very slimming and very well made.

Although I purchased this item at a discounted or promotional price in exchange for a test and honest review, this in no way affects my opinions of this product. My statements as well as any photos I may have provided are 100% my own based on my experience with the product.



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