Product Review – PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5″ Face Showerhead, Chrome

This shower head is awesome. The water is spread out far greater than in other shower heads, so you get to use less water, but feel like there’s just so much water coming from the head. I find it a little difficult to adjust the head to a different pattern spray when its wet, but other than that, each of the spray patterns are awesome and practically give you a new shower experience. For me its all about the small things, like a nice shower head, and its made better by the fact that it does not use as much water as you think it does. Just a word of warning: make sure that you knock out the head before installing it. I put mines on, it ran well for two days, and then I lost all the pressure in the head. After doing some investigation, I found a little plastic shaving from the head had shaken loose and was interrupting the flow of water. Just knock it out and make sure nothing is in there before you grab your pliers.

available at :


-easy to install

-no tools required

-lots of different shower pressure settings

-works wonderfully

-shower head snaps on and off for easy cleaning

-the knob that changes water settings is really easy to push

-simple/easy to use and install


I received this item at a discount for my honest unbiased review.


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