Super Portable and Easy to Use

Product Review – #OSip Silicone Sippy Lids

I purchased these silicone reusable lids for my 11 month old. We are in the stage of getting rid of the bottle and moving on to sippy cups. This Silicone lids are amazing. I simply love the fact that I can put them over just about any cup and they work perfect. I mainly use then over the small plastic cups with juice or water. I wouldn’t recommend using these for milk, the milk might block the holes up on the lid if not put into warm water right after use. Plus with them being silicone they might keep a spoiled milk smell.these are so convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is put what ever you want into a cup, I don’t recommend glass then stretch the silicone over the cup and your done. My son Loves that the spout was almost identical to his bottle, just bigger.

I highly recommend these to any parent. These are awesome for babies who are learning to use a sippy or even for a toddler who is on the go. They do not leak, my son and daughter has thrown these cups with the silicone lids on my hardwood floor and still not one leak the entire time we have been using them. Excellent product.

I was fortunate to received this product at a discounted/ free rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. this review based on my personal preference and experiences using this product.


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