#messkit Versatile and lightweight camping set!

#messkit Versatile and lightweight camping set!

I’ve been shopping for a set of camping cookware for a little while, trying to find something that is light, versatile and affordable. Bingo!

This set comes in with a lot extras which is not why I chose it, but is an amazing added bonus: two soup bowls, a ladle, a wooden spoon (so smart—avoids scratching the pans), a folding spork, Folding fork and a cleaning loofah (lightweight and cleans well). One pound! These are so compact they all fit into the larger pan.. about 10 inches by 6 inches when all said and done, and ONE POUND! In the past I’ve always taken a small cast iron pan camping so I’m pretty excited about the lightweight nature of this set.. in case you couldn’t tell.

My favorite features:
Foldable handles
Perfect sizes for packing
Carry bag
Wooden spoon
Super duper lightweight

The cooking implements fit together perfectly and are extremely light. While being light, they are also hard to dent/break. They are perfect for camping when you don’t want a lot of weight to carry but you shouldn’t ever use them for cooking in your kitchen, as the handles on the pots are plastic. The kit comes with a cleaning kit, bowls, utensils for stirring and serving, along with the cooking parts. The pots are well-made and sturdy, the bowls are typical plastic bowls, they won’t melt on you but putting them over the fire or putting boiling oil in then would be pretty stupid.

One of the really cool things about this kit is the fact that all the handles are collapsible. However, pulling them out of their positions is not intuitive, and there are no instructions, which is why the product is only 4 stars. Remember to push the silver clamp handles together to move the handles of the utensils.

When you are done cooking, you clean up with some environmentally friendly soap and the loofah and you are good to go! They lasted a three day camping trip, with them being used at every meal.  Please note, I received at a discount, or reduced price.

Happy shopping!


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